As a young girl, I roamed with my father’s film and photo camera, unwittingly becoming the family documentarian. Alongside this burgeoning passion, my early inclination towards drawing and painting became a lifelong pursuit. Following art courses, I delved into the world of creativity by attending the Drawing Academy and subsequently the Graphic School.

The next chapter unfolded over two decades of commissioned work, initially wielding an airbrush but eventually opting for brushes to tackle expansive surfaces. My niche became the enchanting realm of trompe l’oeils and murals, where I adorned houses and estates with my artistic expressions. The vast canvases were my playground, and each stroke told a story of illusion and imagination.

Transitioning seamlessly, I ventured into the world of documentary filmmaking, capturing the grace and beauty of the Friese horse. My artistic journey also manifested in a series of captivating still lifes, proudly displayed in various exhibitions. Yet, as the sands of time continued to shift, a new frontier beckoned: digital art.

Now, it is the boundless possibilities of digital art that have seized my imagination. After several inquiries and a swelling desire to share my creations with the world, this website emerges as the gateway to my digital realm. I have found a company that wants to take care of this together with me. They print high quality and are very customer friendly. I invite you to embark on this visual odyssey with me, hoping that the vibrant colors and intricate details resonate with you as much as they do with me. Welcome to a world where pixels dance, stories unfold, and art transcends its traditional boundaries. I’m thrilled to share this digital canvas with you and sincerely hope you find as much joy in exploring it as I did in creating it!

If you have any questions please feel free to mail us.


Marjolein van den Berg